27 Questions to Ask Yourself for a Spectacular "YES!" Year

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2017


Yes, I know, it's January 23rd. . . already!

And now that you’ve had a chance to test drive, for three weeks, the new 2017 model of your life . . . I ask you:

How’s the ride, so far?  Is it . . . HAPPY?

I hope that the motivation and momentum for making 2017 extraordinary is still burning deep within your belly!

Are you still pumped with the promise of possibility? . . . The blessing of beginnings? . . .  Just as you were in those first wee hours of New Year’s Day?

Are your dreams still sparkling and bubbling with excitement and resolve as they were during the New Year’s Eve countdown?  . . .  Remember? Ten. . . Nine. . . Eight. . .

Or have they gone flat like the opened, unfinished bottle of Henkell Trochen? . . .

Faded out, along with the final chorus of Auld Lang Syne?

It is still not too late, my friend. 

You do the math.  52 minus 3.  That's the number of weeks remaining in 2017 to live fully and create your best life…  Your best life.

What would it take to “make it happen”?  This year?

What if. . .

The secret to a spectacularly satisfying year was to simultaneously “rewind” and “fast forward” at the start of each new day?

To "rewind" to January 1, rekindling within the solid intentions set out on New Year’s Day, and using them as creative fuel?

And to “fast-forward” to December 31, visualizing the actualization of those intentions.

When you reflect on 2017 on that day, will you be able to say: It was a “Happy New Year”?   Or know, at least, that you had done your part in trying to make it so?

“SH…tuff” happens, to be sure. . . The unanticipated.  The uncontrollable.  We can practically count on it, can’t we? 

We can't control anything. . . but we can control our response to everything.

How do I plan to “show up” at those challenging times, even in the struggle?

How do I want to “be” this year?  What attributes do I want to amplify and bring to those around me?

What do I want to “do” this year? What goals and accomplishments am I working toward? What do I want to learn?  How do I want to serve?

How do I want to “feel” this year? And what steps can I take to “bring it”?

What do I need to do to take better care of myself?

And, knowing that having a “YES! year” means sometimes saying “no” to certain patterns, people, behaviors, addictions, attitudes. . . what do I need to say “no” to, or let go of – this year?

These are the questions I start each day with.  I invite you to join me in this reflection.

Someone once suggested that most of us don’t really live each new year.  We live the same year over… and over… and over again – for however many times we have been given the privilege to live it.

I wish you a NEW year.  And one that is happy, too.







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