Why I Am NOT Writing My Book & I AM Eating Gummy Bears! (PART 2)

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2018

If you want to live a HEALTHY, BALANCED, and VIBRANT LIFE, you gotta take time to REST!!!

That was the take-home message of last week’s blog.  

So, I hope, every now and again, you have been taking  time for yourself to rest!

I have been, too.

Naturally, I’ve also been doing all I can to knit my knee cap back together again – while keeping all my other 205 bones healthy, strong, flexible . . . and fracture-free.

This week, I share with you 7 BONE-BUILDING AGENTS which I have been using (some of which you might never have guessed!)

You don’t need to break a bone before you can try these for yourself.

But first. . . A NOT-SO-FUN FACT

In the five to seven years following menopause, women can lose up to 20% of their bone density.  Yikes!

Even if this doesn’t apply to you, know that after the age of 30, the rate of bone breakdown exceeds that of bone repair and bone building.

Diet and lifestyle can negatively affect bone health.  High sugar (sucrose) intake… exercising too little… exercising too much… alcoholism… smoking… certain medications… the list goes on.

Now’s the time to be proactive, my friends.

Here’s a partial list of my personal Bone-Building Protocol:

  1. STRONG BONES (by New Roots)

Meet my bones' new BFF.  This supplement consists of about 20 different nutrients (minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.).  The key ingredient is (deep breath!) microcrystalline hydroxyapatite ossein complex.  (I know, quite the mouthful!   MCHA calcium, for short.) 

It has growth factors which lay strong new bone.  All the nutrients team up together to bind the brittle minerals to a protein scaffolding, forming a strong and flexible structure.  Think: steel re-bar in concrete, or a wire mesh in a glass window and you get the picture. 

The end result:   increased bone density, bone mass, bone strength and decreased bone pain. (It also is known to reduce risk of metastasis to bone, and reduce or arrest spread of cancer within bone in cases of existing mets.)



Oatmeal is one of our richest readily-available food sources of silica, a collagen-building mineral.  (Yes, collagen has a role to play not only in skin, hair, and nails, but in bones, too!) 

I don’t even bother cooking the stuff.  Into a bowl of almond milk, I simply add a few tablespoons of raw oatmeal.  I sprinkle some crunchy, healthy-ish granola and dried cherries on top – just to keep things interesting.  ;)



Lettuce, spinach, kale, beet leaves – I’ve been eating it all.  And LOTS of it!  Green leafy veggies are rich in vitamin K and assorted minerals needed for bone health.

These alkaline foods also help to counter the acidic, protein foods in my diet which might otherwise cause my bones to leach calcium -- and who needs that? 



Hormonal factors play a role in the condition of our bones.  That’s why including estrogenically active herbs become vital to women in preserving bone mass, and restoring any that has been lost.  For this, I like evening primrose oil.  But fennel, fenugreek, hops, and maca (a root vegetable with estrogen AND progesterone-increasing activity) are all pretty awesome as well.



Frankincense essential oil, like myrrh and the lesser-known elemi, is helpful in speeding up the healing of bone injuries.  Frankincense is the one I happened to have on hand, so daily I “anoint” my knee with an ointment made from 30 drops of frankincense in 100 ml of carrier oil.  (I used coconut, but olive would work, too.)



Yes, prunes.  They are rich in boron, a mineral which increases the activity of osteoblasts, cells that make new bone.  Boron actually thickens bone.  The researchers who conducted the study on prunes and bone health used 10 prunes a day.  So, I do too.


  1. FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDES (Another mouthful - so let's call it FOS)

It turns out, the benefits of prunes on bones are enhanced when they are eaten with fructooligosaccharides, a type of carbohydrate, found in bananas, onions – and chicory.  This is where the Gummy Bears come into the story.  Finally.

In a thoughtful, “get well care package”  a Functional Medicine doctor-friend of mine sent me, tucked in amidst magazines and mindfulness coloring book, was a package of “Smart Sweets, naturally sweetened gummy bears.

Oh me, oh my!  With only 2 grams or ½ teaspoon of (natural) sugar, a respectable 5 grams of protein, and a whopping 24 grams of fiber per 50 gram bag, “candy” doesn’t get any better than this!!!

Its ingredient list – in addition to the all-important chicory root fiber – reads:  organic soluble fiber from tapioca, organic gelatin, citric acid, stevia, natural fruit flavors (apple, lemon, raspberry, and peach), carrot, beta carotene, coconut oil, and carnauba wax.

Seriously… don’t you think someone should be awarded a Nobel Prize for inventing this?

When gummy bears are not available I (reluctantly) resort to other FOS foods such as bananas and onions.  Just not at the same time.


As you can see, it takes a combination of good foods, key supplements, and essential oils to build beautiful bones.  To speed up healing, I am using ALL of these – plus a few extras! 

After all, rest may be essential.  But equally so is living a life of service – and I still have a book to complete!   I’m eager to get back on my feet.


This article is for informational purposes only and not intended as prescriptive.  Please consult your doctor for the treatment of any bone-related conditions or diseases, and your natural health practitioner to discuss whether these foods and supplements are appropriate for you.
















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