Your 22-Point 'Stay Well' Daily Checklist for 2022

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2022

Since this is my first blog of 2022, I would like to extend to you my very warmest wishes for a bright and beautiful year!  May you be blessed with genuine health and a happy heart—all year long!

To this end, I have assembled for you (and for myself too) a 22-point check list of simple yet profoundly effective steps and strategies that we know, from science (and common sense), are found to lead us toward a well life.  

In the last couple of years, I fear, we have started to slide away from this intention.  Is this not true? I mean, sure, never before in my own lifetime has humankind become so obsessed with the fear of becoming ill. 

But avoiding sickness and death is not the same thing as embracing wellness and life.

 In fact, some of the very practices enforced by, let’s just say, those ‘in positions of power’ are contrary to the practices that facilitate health.   However, it is not too late to reclaim our personal power.  It is not too late to recall what healthy living was and is meant to be like, and to reclaim that once again for ourselves and for one another.   

Now for my 22-point check list. 

  1. Breathe deeply.
  2. Stay hydrated.
  3. Move your body hourly.
  4. Seek sunlight.
  5. Take time for tea.
  6. Embrace silence.
  7. Eat green vegetables and red/blue/purple fruits.
  8. Do something you love.
  9.  Stretch.
  10. Step outdoors.
  11. Hug fearlessly.
  12. Laugh.
  13. Unplug from media devices.
  14. Bathe or shower.
  15. Socialize face-to-face with positive people.
  16. Reflect, pray, meditate.
  17. Surround yourself with plants and/or pets.
  18. Burn a bees wax candle
  19. Practise releasing fear.
  20. Show your smile.
  21. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and optimism.
  22. Make it an early bedtime.

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