Products & Services for Holistic Cancer Support

Telephone Consultation

Got questions? Get answers, direction, help and hope in a 1 hour one-on-one telephone call with experienced Cancer Co...

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Natural CHOICE Cancer Help Program

Marian Pidwerbeski, MaSc, RNCP Founder of Well-derness Consulting Registered Nutritional Consultant & Cancer C...

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6 Week Cancer Coaching Program

Get the tools and strategies  you need to optimize your healing potential, starting immediately.   "I'm l...

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Here's What You'll Learn On Your Journey To Becoming Cancer Free


Get to know which foods are nourishing and healing to your body.

Hormone Balancing

Find out what hormones have to do with your cancer and how to balance them.


Eliminate toxins from your body and remove toxic environmental influences from your life.

Managing Stress

Discover how to keep the stressors in your life from harming your body.

Body-Spirit Connection

Reconnect with your spiritual self to add more "life" to your life! Understand how healing your emotions can help heal your body.

Natural Healing

Learn how to use the gifts from nature for your healing.