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If you have ever thought that health and illness are more like a crapshoot than anything over which you have any power, choice, or control...

21st-Century Guide to Living Cancer-Free Naturally will revolutionize not only the way you think but also the way you live.

Step by step and by the hand, holistically, and with a touch of humour, Marian Pidwerbeski walks you through six natural, research-based practices...

and shows you how to apply them amidst the challenges of modern-day living. 

If you dream of health--super natural health--for yourself, your loved ones, or those under your professional care, this book is a must-read!


What Readers Are Saying...


"Marian Pidwerbeski has written a most amazing cancer self-help manual for which Hippocrates would be writing the foreword, if he were still alive... With her very personable writing style, Marian makes you feel as if you are receiving a one-on-one personal consultation with her..."

- David Rowland
Author of Nutritional Solutions for 88 Conditions: Correct the Causes


"I've been in the nutrition business for thirty years and written five books, and I learned new things from Marian's 21st-Century Guide to Living Cancer-Free Naturally!  I loved it... Read this book, and heal your life!"

-Paulette Millis, RHN,RSW
Author of national bestseller Eat Away Illness


"Well-written and evidence-based, 21st-Century Guide to Living Cancer-Free Naturally is a magnificent blend of information and humour...This book provides a helping hand for those currently taking on cancer, and for those simply wanting to take care of their body... The world needs this book--now!"

- Jodi Schwab, BScPT


"With the same wisdom that kept generations before us healthy and strong, the teachings in this book remain now as relevant as ever.  Highly recommended, not only for cancer patients but also for anyone looking to live a long and healthy life."

- Wendy Presant, CFMP
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Health Consultant

"When we reverently connect ourselves to the natural world and humbly open ourselves to its gifts, we open ourselves to health."

- Marian Pidwerbeski
Author of 21st-Century Guide to Living Cancer-Free Naturally

Discover the Healing Power of Nature!



Natural health practices backed by references and scientific studies.




Get practical  support from daily lifestyle action steps, recipes, and links to wellness products.



Marian tells inspiring stories of recovery, and demystifies technical medical jargon with her personable writing style.

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Meet the Author

Marian Pidwerbeski has lived most of her life in natural environments from which she has come to regard nature as teacher and healer--and from where she draws her inspiration as teacher and healer.

As Founder/Director of Well-derness Consulting, Marian has been conducting consultations, retreats, seminars, and speaking engagements since 1999, promoting self-responsibility for health and wellness using a natural, non-invasive, holistic approach.  Via telephone and online coaching programs, she is blessed to be able to help cancer clients from all around the world.

Marian is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP), and has been a member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants since 2004.

Marian and her writing have been featured radio and in various publications.  21st-Century Guide to Living Cancer-Free Naturally is her first book.

She currently makes her home in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, one hour from Prince Albert National Park, where she lived for the previous thirty years.


21st Century Guide to Living

Cancer-Free Naturally

Six Proven Practices to Activate the Doctor Within
For Super Natural Health

A contemporary  guide for patients and health professionals who dream of health.


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