Nutritional Protocol

Comprehensive, PERSONALIZED,  nutritional protocol designed for your unique biochemical individuality*,  cancer type, and concurrent treatment and/or medications.  Delivered in digital format within 3 - 5 business days upon registration, and completion and receipt of required forms.


  • Dietary recommendations 
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Which supplements to take

  • Brand recommendations

  • Ordering information

  • Doses and frequency

  • Benefits

    *Requires the completion of Intake Forms

BONUS #1 ($27.50 value)

Marian's book, 21st-Century Guide to Living Cancer-Free Naturally: Six Proven Practices to Activate the Doctor Within for SUPER Natural Health

BONUS #2 ($100 value)

"Ask Marian" 4-Week Email Support

  • Email Marian with your cancer-related questions, or about your nutritional supplements or diet.

BONUS #3 ($100 value)

  • Email follow-up (90 days after initial protocol).

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