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On Fasting...and Slowing (and 3 AWESOME Ways to Prepare for the Holidays!)

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2014

I love Christmas!

I love everything about it, especially the way it draws me into “the sacrament of the present moment” with one giant, swirling sensory swoosh!

I love the bright beauty of the festive lights as they warm, wink, and whisper cheer into an otherwise cold and bleak Saskatchewan December night…

I love the sounds, smells, and tastes of Christmas — the carols I learned to sing even before I learned to speak, the scent of pine, and those mouth-watering, once-a-year cultural delectables shared with family and friends…

And I love the ritual of touching hearts through gift-giving and being witness to a general societal softening and coming together in a spirit of generosity, giving added attention to those who are in most need of our gifts…

I love all these things. But not everyone, I know, shares my sentiments. “Christmas” some say, is “too commercial”. “Too stressful”. “Too much hustle and...

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Can 'Sex Food' Save YOUR Life?

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2014

SEX food? WHAT, I wanted to know, was “Sex Food”?

I was on the phone with Ryan (let’s call him Ryan), a client who five months earlier had been diagnosed with stage 3, non-small cell lung cancer. Interested in preserving the quality of his life, he had opted out of conventional chemotherapy and had sought out direction on how natural therapies might be used to help him heal.

Now, six weeks later, I was wondering how he was doing so I followed up on his progress with a phone call.

He was doing very well, I noted, as he proceeded into a litany of positive changes. “…AND I lost 25 pounds!” he announced proudly. “It’s all this ‘sex food’ you’ve gotten me eating now”, he added teasingly.

Um. . . Excuse me?

“You know,” he explained, “RABBIT food”.

I burst out laughing as I worked out the syllogism in my head: Rabbits feed on a diet rich in green leafy vegetables … and carrots...

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Confessions of a Shopping Cart Voyeur

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2014

Hmm. . . Perhaps beginning with a confession may not be the most impressive way to introduce myself to the online world and to kick off, this, my first ever blog entry.  On the other hand, you might as well know, first off, who I am, what I stand for. . . and what I simply can’t stand!!!

So, if the truth be told, yes,”My name is Marian.  I am an out-of-control shopping cart voyeur”! 

I can’t seem to help myself.  I don’t mean to look.  But I always do. . .

This shameful behavior began several years ago around the time of the completion of my Nutrition degree, and probably out of boredom as I waited for my turn at the check-out counter.  It started off with a casual glance and my telling myself, “Just ‘a little peak’ won’t do any harm”. 

Famous last words. 

Next thing I knew, I found my eyes wandering lustfully away...

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